Artificial turf is an amazing product that offers a myriad of advantages over traditional grass. One example that will be coming soon is the popping up of yellow dandelion flowers across the lawn.

Artificial Turf by JW Synthetic Grass, Inc. Billings Montana

This of course requires going to the hardware store and purchasing a jug of herbicide to spray on the weeds. The pets and kids shouldn’t touch or play on these surfaces for at least 24 hours, of course they often don’t listen sometimes and will go run and play on the grass anyways. The dogs especially can drag in all kinds of contaminate from a traditional lawn from herbicide to fertilizer could be tracked in to the home. With artificial turf, you will not have to worry about these issues.
Dandelions and other weeds can be avoided with artificial turf
The dangerous chemicals in these weed killers have been shown to cause cancer and other health issues when exposed habitually to the toxic eradicator. Sometimes weed-be-gone or whatever the product may be are a necessary solution to issues in the yard, however, it would be great to cut down on the amount of spraying by replacing traditional grass with artificial turf.